Portland Athletic Training Facility
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Portland Athletic Training Facility
Paul Collins
Paul CollinsCo-owner / Coach
Paul Collins is the owner and founder of Peak Condition. Paul helps clients from all walks of life achieve their physique and sports performance goals. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Linfield College. As a student athlete, he conducted independent research for sports performance through deep water running, which aided in its prescription for recovering or rehabbing athletes. This fascination led to becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
Rachel Ruger
Rachel RugerCo-owner / Office Manager
Rachel Ruger is the Office Manager at Peak Condition. As a Pacific-Northwest native she enjoys traveling, hiking and exploring this beautiful region with her husband, Paul Collins and their very active two-year old daughter, Fiora Lucy. Rachel organizes Peak Condition’s training schedule, develops relationships with like-minded companies and executes projects to ensure the facility runs smoothly and is primed for growth. Her commitment to customer service is evident in her daily interactions with clients from all ages and athletic backgrounds. In addition to her dedication to her family and Peak Condition, Rachel is a strong supporter of all conservation efforts that endeavor to protect our planet and its natural resources. She is also a proud graduate of Linfield College holding a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics.
Portland Athletic Training Facility

“We believe it’s important for our athletes to have a strong support system who will help encourage you to reach your goals.” – Paul Collins, Peak Condition Founder

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Portland Athletic Training Facility
Paul Collins Sports Strength Training
Yes. Peak Condition is not a membership based gym. You will always be working with one of our strength and conditioning coaches when you are in the facility, and we promise keep the client to coach ratio at or below 5:1 at all times. Those slots can fill up fast, so it is important to schedule in advance.
To keep a focused training environment at all times, we do not offer memberships that allow you to drop in at any time. Instead, we offer scheduled training times that ensure you get the attention you deserve when you are in the facility, and a training environment that ignites results. We wish we could train everybody at any time, but we will not compromise the quality of your training to do it.
Each training session will be slightly different from athlete to athlete and from day to day depending on personal goals, training experience, injury history and mobility/stability (information covered in the assessment). However, each of your sessions will start off with a personalized Tissue Quality program and Dynamic Warm-Up. Those are quickly followed by Skill Drills, where selected movement patterns are practiced to improve future training sessions. The bulk of your time will be devoted to Strength and Condition, which is highly variable and based on information from the initial assessment and your continued training progress.

Most of our training is during the following hours, but other times may become available:

5:30 AM – 11:00 AM : Monday
6:00 AM – 11:00 AM : Tuesday
6:00 AM – 1:30 PM : Wednesday
5:30 AM – 11:00 AM : Thursday
6:00 AM – 11:00 AM : Friday
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM Saturday

Yes. As long as you let us know what sort of equipment you have access to outside of our facility, we can prepare material to be completed at a gym closer to home. We are unable to email programs to you prior to walking you through the new training material in-person at Peak Condition.
While your sessions are designed to be completed in roughly an hour, we encourage you to budget 75-minutes to complete your training. If you have requested training materials to be completed outside of our facility, your first session on a new program will require 90-100 minutes to complete your training for that day and thoroughly walk through additional content.
All important events or closures will be sent to you via e-mail.

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