Portland Athletic Training Facility

Peak Condition is a specialized NE Portland, Oregon gym where everyone from elite athletes, to outdoor enthusiasts, to youth soccer players can come to get the strength training they need to reach their goals.

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Working out is a great way to maintain the status quo. Stop working out, and start training with a purpose.

The expert strength coaches at Peak Condition deliver measurable results based on your training goals, whether you want to bike farther, sprint past defenders, or maintain an active lifestyle.

Our environment ignites your desire to reach higher levels of performance by demanding you become the best version of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Portland Athletic Training Facility
Peak-Condition-testimonials Stan
I have worked with Paul since January and could not be happier with the results. He is very knowledgeable and works hard to provide a custom program for each individual.
Stan A.
Peak Condition testimonials Tracy
Paul is super smart and tailors each training session to what I need and any injuries I have. He and Gabe are very professional and encouraging. I would never go anywhere else for training.
Tracy L.
Peak Condition testimonials Jim
I’ve been working with Paul for 3 years now and realized great results. I’ve always been active but getting into my 50s I found I needed the insight of an expert to help me shed acquired defects and stay strong while getting older. Heading to Peru this July to climb Alpamayo. I know my level of conditioning is due in large measure to the benefits realized training at Peak Condition. Paul is knowledgeable, insightful and always professional, thanks Paul!
James W.
Peak Condition Testimonials
I’ve worked out with Paul for about 6 years now. Paul & his staff are very knowledgeable and their training delivery is customized to each client. They connect with their clients and give the perfect amount of attention depending on your desires.
Aaron W.
Peak Condition testimonials Elise
I’ve been working with Paul and assistant trainer Gabe for almost 2 years. They have done an excellent job teaching me correct techniques and accommodating pre-existing injuries. I have developed into an active, healthy person, losing 66 pounds and being stronger than I’ve ever been…and I’ll be 61 in 2 weeks. Paul is an expert in his field and earns high respect from his clients. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend Paul Collins and Peak Condition!
Elise S.
Peak Condition testimonials Tim
Peak Condition is a great facility with nice, knowledgeable trainers in a supportive atmosphere. It’s big, clean, and has tons of equipment. Paul Collins has been training me there for several years, and he is awesome. He knows a ton about the body and how to make yourself healthier, based on your goals. He is patient and explains why you’re doing the exercises you are, and helps you to understand how to reach your goals. My training is a critical piece of my week and I really look forward to every visit.
Tim P.
Peak Condition testimonials Becky
What a wonderful gym! I was reluctant to try a personal trainer but now I tell everyone they SHOULD use a trainer. I’ve been going for over four years now and am, if anything, more motivated than ever. I regret the days I miss my training with Paul Collins. I feel, move and look better than I have at any point in my life. I could not recommend Paul and Peak Condition more!!
Becky P.
The overall vibe at Peak condition is really upbeat but low key with a really varied clientele. The trainers all seem really happy and relaxed to be working with their clients, and the owner Paul is a great guy with a real passion for his business. If you want to go to gym with fun and knowledgeable trainers and an open relaxed vibe, this is your spot!
Michi L.
Peak Condition testimonials Sydney
While rehabbing after orthopedic surgery I realized how much there was to learn about how my body functioned. Sure, I could sweat for an hour and burn all the calories I wanted, but was I moving efficiently for my body? I could do more with less effort and minimize injury if I just learned how. PC fills the fitness vacuum between a physical therapist and a traditional trainer. The PC staff are all smart, helpful and patient. The workouts are thoughtful, goal oriented, and never boring. I am now, for the first time, making real progress toward my goals and am learning so much along the way!
Sydney B.


Portland Athletic Training Facility

Adult Fitness Fundamentals

  • 1 Assessment
  • Personalized Training Program
  • 2 Weeks Unlimited

Student Training

  • 1 Assessment
  • Personalized Training Program
  • 4 Training Sessions

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Stop working out, and start training with a purpose.