Partnership with GC Strength


Peak Condition is excited to announce a partnership with GC Strength. If you don’t know who GC Strength is you probably know who the Portland Thorns are. Well, GC Strength is the strength and conditioning coaches for the NWSL Champions, Thorns FC.

GC Strength is making a name for themselves as being the go-to company for soccer player development in Oregon. They have successfully been preparing soccer players for the unique demand of the sport both on and off the field.

Winter Strength & Power Programs

The GC Strength and Peak Condition will be hosting winter strength and conditioning programs for soccer starting in November.

The Strength & Power program is designed with an integrated methods approach. Each session involves:

  • Comprehensive warm-up with corrective exercise strategies.
  • Power development through plyometrics and core work.
  • Resistance training with a focus on movement quality first, then strength & power building.
  • Targeted conditioning to build on energy systems for soccer players.
  • Comprehensive recovery strategies to keep athletes healthy and ready to perform.

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Program Details:

  • Location: PEAK CONDITION
  • Training times: Afternoon & Evenings – 2x/week
  • Program duration: [4 Weeks] November 13th – December 8th
  • Minimum participants per group: 6
  • Max participants per group: 12
  • Program cost: $280 per athlete

Sign up below and we will contact you to start building your group. Registration deadline: Nov 9th.