Putting up big weight loss numbers isn’t easy, however it is achievable. On February 28th Anthony came into Peak Condition with a good friend of his, Travis (a long time PC client). Anthony went through our assessment where I measured range of motion (ROM), stability, strength, cardiovascular function and a couple anthropometric measurements.   With the results of those tests, coupled with Anthony’s goals, I created his unique workout program for the next 8 weeks.

As of today Anthony has been coming to PC twice a week for the last 5 weeks and his results are great!

Total lbs lost: 24
Dialed in nutrition: 2050 calories/day, Fat: 31% CHO: 50% Protein: 19%
ROM deficits: increased Supine Hip Flexion and FABER mobility (more details follow)


Now these results weren’t achieved by just doing 2 days a week. Anthony is on a cardio program 4-7 days a week for 45-60 minutes. We alternate his intensity between medium and high to make sure we aren’t over training or just over reaching. Additionally, and probably most important, is the fact that he has been extremely consistent with his workouts and nutritional plan.

This is a perfect example of how dramatic changes can occur when consistency is involved. Working out isn’t about going 110% all the time, instead being consistent and following a program that has varying volumes and intensities will always produce better results. There are entire text books covering the topic of periodization. In fact this is the one I am reading right now:


Losing 24 lbs in the last 5 weeks shows that Anthony is following his nutritional plan and getting in his cardio workouts. However, another number that I am extremely excited about is his increased ROM for two tests that needed improvement.

Supine Hip Flexion:

Original measurement:             After 5 weeks:

Left Leg 61                                                                                 Left Leg 80
Right leg 59                                                                               Right Leg 81


Hip Faber ROM


Original measurement:              After 5 weeks:

Left Leg 56                                                                                      Left Leg: 60
Right leg 65                                                                                   Right Leg: 65


In both cases I am looking for a level of symmetry in addition to total ROM. There are situations where ROM imbalances are warranted and even desired for optimal performance.  However, Anthony isn’t participating in any activities that would require such physiological adaptations, consequently symmetry is more of a focus.

Anthony is a perfect example of consistent hard work paying off in a big way. To learn more about what it takes to have great success check out the Biggest Winner Contest that starts on Saturday.