With the New Year approaching I thought it would be beneficial to talk about success and how to achieve it.

Here it is: 5 things to help you succeed and a little college flash back.

1. Set A Goal:

Churchill’s quote “He who fails to plan is planning to fail,” still rings true today. However, before you can create a plan you need to set a goal. In my world, I see a huge range of fitness goals. It’s normal for us at PC to see a high school athlete, followed by a computer programmer who sits for 14 hours a day. The two have completely different goals and consequently their training will be just as diverse. Their success simply comes down to whether or not they are training effectively for their goals.

 2. Plan:

Here is an example of how not to plan…and we’ve all been there

You know exactly when your college semester is over and when your finals are. That day approaches and your only option is to stay up all night and “study.” You might even pull off a couple A’s with this approach, I know I did, but it was a rare occasion. Your transcript might show an A but you probably won’t retain much if any of the material a week later.

This “plan” is a huge reason why I see so many fitness New Year’s resolutions fail. There is virtually no planning, just a lot of work being done in a short amount of time. The major difference being, you slip back into your previous level of fitness instead of simply forgetting the quadratic equation. This will have a much larger effect on your quality of life vs not remembering,
Quadratic Formula

Now, whether or not I recalled this off the top of my head or simply searched online will remain undisclosed…

3. Progress Check:

It sounds simple and it is, unfortunately this is one of the most underutilized tools in the fitness industry. If a client at PC is training for strength gains we have a set protocol. If your only goal is weight loss we encourage you to add something to that…Why? For most people a weight loss goal alone isn’t enough motivation. There is no deadline or sense of urgency. Knowing that there is a power lifting meet or triathlon scheduled for the end of the month helps keep clients/athletes accountable. If you don’t know how to track your success/progress or create a plan read on…

4. Get Help:

There is obviously an easier way to get around this fence..


Regardless to what your goal is there will be efficient ways and potentially dangerous methods. Don’t be this guy and get help when you’re not sure what method to use. If weight loss is your goal the Biggest Winner event has had amazing results.

Biggest Winner Sign-up

5. Accountability:

All the goal setting, planning and progress checking still doesn’t equate to success. All of our most successful clients openly talk about their goals and are excited for progress checks. They know we are holding them accountable for their actions, not just in the facility but out in the real world as well. We want to improve their overall quality of life.

It’s always important to realize that your success won’t happen overnight. If you plan and track your progress you’ll have a much higher success rate. For those that need help, find a professional, they should be able to help you reach your goals faster and safer. My next post will be what to look for when choosing a personal trainer, you might be surprised.

What are you current fitness goals and are you tracking them? If weight loss is involved think about signing up for the Biggest Winner.